The events in Odessa at 11 June 2021

CATS of Odessa in the House of Artists

11 June 2021, 15:00
category: exhibition
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Charitable exhibition - sale called "Cats of Odessa" opens on Friday, June 11 at the gallery "House of Artists" at st. Osipova, 39. Our city has long been home to cats. They are a visiting card of Odessa, on the central streets there are many sculptures of these fluffy creatures and, perhaps, there is not a single yard where cats do not live. The city council recognized stray cats as part of the Odessa ecosystem. We have an amazing city. Amazing for its people with kind hearts, ready to come to the aid of animals in trouble. This exhibition is dedicated to all those who save, feed, heal, help: cat lovers, veterinarians, volunteers, caring residents of Odessa, participating in the rescue of animals. Each cat depicted in the works of famous Odessa artists has its own small but interesting story. The purpose of the exhibition is to draw attention to the problems of stray cats, which today are completely unprotected from abuse and indifference from humans. By purchasing a painting from an exhibition, you not only bring yourself joy, but also save someone's little life! Do good, from the heart, at the call of your heart, and it will definitely return to you! Exhibition working hours: Monday - Friday from 12 noon. Visits on Saturday and Sunday by prior arrangement. Organizer: Charitable Foundation "House of Artists Gallery". For more information, please call +380677662255

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