The events in Odessa at 13 June 2021

Estate of Counts Tolstoy

13 June 2021, 13:00
category: tour
249 UAH
place: The house of scientists (Sabaneev bridge, 4)

We will take a walk around the House of Scientists - the best-preserved city estate in Odessa. The old estate belonged to the family of the Tolstoy counts - famous patrons, benefactors and educators. Walking through the halls, we find out their purpose, be impressed by the majestic architecture and interior decoration of great artistic value. What we learn: • The history of the manor complex; • About the family of Odessa representatives of the Tolstoy clan; • About love and fidelity; • About the Art Gallery and the fate of the Tolstoy art collection; • Facts about the Tolstoy: benefactors, patrons and educators; • Interesting episodes from the cinematic history of the House of Scientists. And, of course, we will hear the sound of a unique “golden” grand piano from Schroeder.  Ticket 249 ₴  Be sure to bring masks with you Where are we meeting At the entrance to the House of Scientists, on Sabaneev Bridge, 4  To To understand the essence of Odessa, the walk is interesting for citizens, tourists, social activists, guides, urbanists, designers, architects, photographers.  Who leads the walk Lyudmila Rogovskaya - methodologist of the Odessa House of Scientists, will plunge into the history of her beloved estate. Valentina answers questions at the number: +380 63 163 20 09 Come and see you!

The poster of the event — Estate of Counts Tolstoy in The house of scientists