The events in Odessa at 13 June 2021

Catacombs of Gradonachalnitskaya

13 June 2021, 14:00
category: tour
199 UAH
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This section of the catacombs is part of a 1900s quarry mine. for the extraction of shellfish. The mine was part of a system of workings running along Portofrankovskaya Street and diverging under the surrounding streets. The famous path of the Odessa smugglers passed through this system, and in the period 1939-1941 a military bunker was built here, in particular the command post of the Odessa military district and numerous bomb shelters. And in these catacombs, Odessa Freemasons held their meetings and rituals, which is why the police could not find shelter for secret communities. On a walk, plunge 98 steps underground and learn more about the origin and production of shell rock, about the life and work of Odessa miners, about the heroic defense of Odessa during the Second World War. New impressions, helmets and flashlights will create an extraordinary atmosphere of underground Odessa. It will be unusual and informative - another brick in understanding the essence of our city.  Ticket 199 ₴.  Where we meet On Gradonachalnitskaya, 8  To The walk is interesting for townspeople, tourists and photographers. To recognize Odessa  Who leads the walk Artyom is a catacomb explorer in love with Odessa labyrinths. Introduces you to the city since 2016, while walking you will immerse you in the underground history of the city. Valentina answers questions at the number: +380 63 163 20 09 Come and see you!

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