The events in Odessa at 13 June 2021

Tour "Old Old Bugovo" with Tonic Universal Tours

13 June 2021, 06:45
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Everyone is welcome! Friend, please read this program to the end, take your time! The summer project "Operation Delta or Salty Budjak" is a series of one-day cognitive weekend hikes with light backpacks along the coast to the Danube Delta. 1. The main goals of the first round: - Energetic walking tour; - Grounding; - Airing; - Leisurely; - Hearing silence; - Looking at the horizon; - Study of the existing landslide zone; - Sun and sea baths; - Verification of maps with the terrain; - PHOTOSESSION. 2. Program. A short introductory tour of the resort area of ​​Chernomorsk, modern and abandoned embankments, fishing kurens, hydraulic structures, wild beaches, etc. We will see, hear, touch the living history of the region - a built-up settlement of the Bronze Age, the famous "walking" Sanzheisky lighthouse, modern bike and rally tracks, the "mammoth massacre", a sea fenced-in place that caused a world scandal. 3. Place and time of meeting: June 13 at 6.45 am under the front clock at the railway station. At 6.55 we go in an organized way to board the regular bus. 4. Transport. From Odessa: our regular shuttle bus departs at 7:00. Travel time 1 hour 15 minutes. To Odessa: rented Sprinter. 5. Security.If you are inactive, walk uncertainly, rely on someone else's help while walking on foot, you should invite a friend to our trip who will be responsible for you. Thank you for understanding. 6. Weather conditions. Clearly, + 20'S ... + 25'S. 7. The sun. Stock up on protective cream, panama, pareo and others from bright sunlight. Someone may need sunglasses. 8. Road surface and mileage. Asphalt and dirt roads. The soft sand of a natural beach. A narrow strip of wild beaches. Concrete fences. Shell carpets. Clay slopes. Grassy off-road. The distance of the pedestrian area is about 12 km. 9. Shoes, clothing. All participants of the walk come in shoes appropriate for the event. Flip-flops are absolutely not suitable. Ideal: Wear sports sandals. Everyone should have a hat and bathing suits! Someone may need replacement swimming trunks and swimwear. 10. Backpack, karemat, scandi-sticks. You will need a backpack! Have pity on your hands - do not carry weights in bags, packages, totes. Scandinavian sticks in our tours are desirable, it is more fun to go with them. They have already "proved" their indispensability more than once. Take a harness, as well as a bedding - we will lie! Everyone should also have a raincoat. 11. Tolerance. We reserve the right not to admit a tourist who is not equipped appropriately on the hike. 12. Water. Everyone must have 1 liter of drinking water! 13. Cooler bag.Get this summer essential accessory! One small bag that fits in a backpack and one cold accumulator is enough to enjoy fresh water and food on the go. 14. Halts on the way. Self-service. Everything that you take with you - we will eat and drink everything. Our slogan is feed yourself and give water to your comrade. Two large halts are expected. There should be enough food and water! 15. "Duty" options. - If the weather deteriorates sharply on June 12, then the corresponding corrective post will be released on Saturday; - on the route there is the possibility of early departure and departure by public transport. 16. Booking a seat on the bus. Our club operates in full confidence. If you have put your "I will go" in the event, then one of the 18 places of the Sprinter or another bus is already assigned to you. However, only the organizers know the exact number of vacant seats, since Facebook is not the only means of communication to notify those wishing to take part in the tour. Hurry up to take your comfortable seats on the bus. 17. Communication. Kyivstar +38 (068) 102 15 20, Lifesel +38 (063) 735 11 19. 18. Healthy crowdfunding. We are anxiously grateful to each participant in our walks. The fare to Odessa after the end of the route and organizational costs is 350 hryvnia. #Tonic tours #Please use

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