The events in Odessa at 11 June 2021

Vidkrittya Diya.Biznes in Odessa

11 June 2021, 11:00
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Ready for a large-scale opening to the center of Diya.Biznes in Odessa?  11-12 worms we open doors that we start to know about the Odessa business spirit! We nareshty shake the center of the pedtry of pidtrims, scho roztashuvavsya 120 sq. M. on the street Gretska, 1a. Center Diya.Biznes in Odessa - tse: ✔️ Bezkoshtovnі consultations on marketing, sales, opodatkuvannya, legal nutrition, fundraising, transferring business to online. ✔️Support for the ear and development of the authority. ✔️Pop-up-location for testing the product before entering the market. ✔️Location rentals and coworking. ✔️Exchange of goodwill from the other entrepreneurs, the establishment of new business links, the introduction of investments for business. Know about the program of education to the Center for Business in Odessa for the participation of the vice-premier-ministra - the Ministry of Digital Transformation by Mikhail Fedorov. Register for the online broadcast of 11 worms  Be cool! ✔️Resolution for the offer: Opening program Diya.Biznes Odesa Friday, 11 worm 2021, 11:00 Urochiste vidkrittya • Mikhailo Fedorov, Viceprem'r-Minister of Ukraine - Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine • Valeria Ionan, defender of the Ministry of Digital Transformation for Nutrition of the European Integration • Sergiy Grinevetskiy, head of the Odessa regional state administration • Gennadiy Trukhanov, Odeskiy mis'kiy head (requested) • Anastasia Bondar, CDTO Odessa Regional State Administration• Oleksandr Vernik, Іnіtsіator Diya.Biznes Odesa, businessmen, head of the Center for Design Initiatives • Svyatoslav Senyuta Senior Director, Head of the Department of Relations with State Authorities Visa in Ukraine, Georgia, the regions of SND and Pivdenno-Skhidnoy Europe • Georgy Bochorishvili, Head for the directors of the ZARS Budding Holding • Din Nin, patron of the director of HUAWEI UKRAINE for food supplies and services • Vadim Morokhovsky, head of the board of directors of PJSC "BANK VOSTOK" • Dmytro Kazavchinsky Sp_vzasnovnik of Odessa business club • Dmytro Gaidukovych, center of Diya.Biznes Odesa 12:00 - 12:30 Spilkuvannya with journalists 12:30 - 13:00 Kava and spilkuvannya 13:00 - 17:00 Lecturers and excursions 13:00 Tetyana Miskova, Director of the Office for the Development of Pidpryumnstva and Export. Development of the Office for the development of transport and export: support of SMEs on the internal and external markets 14:30 Andriy Dligach, Doctor of Economics, Head of Advanter Group, Sp_vzasnovnik to the Center for Economic Renewal. National economic strategy, digitalization and driver development business 17:00 Presentation about social education and partnership for digital inclusion → with a gesture translation Alina Sevastyuk, manager of the health and safety networks of Huawei Ukraine Oksana Krivonogova, Head of the Healthcare Organization "Health Suspension", Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Natalya Tatarin, Commercial Director and Spivlasnytsia TOV "Distina Ukraine"18:30 Ilya Reinish, academic advisor and commercial director of Laba. Top-3 sales trends about yak maє nobility kozhen vlasnik of the company

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