The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

XX. Family chronicle

25 July 2021, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 150 UAH
place: "Theatre on Chaynaya" (bol. stage) (Marazlievskaya str., 34a)

Duration: 85 minutes Based on the play by Elzbieta Khovanets. XX - in genetics - this is the chromosomal designation of the female sex, and the word “chronicle” has at least a double meaning: chronicle as a document and chronic disease as a medical definition. The play, in fragmentary form, reveals the life story and relationships of four generations of women of the same family: great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter. The action takes place in Krakow (Poland) and covers the period from 1939 to the 2000s. A dramatic and funny story about love and hate, about mutual attraction and repulsion, about unwillingness to repeat the experience and fate of parents and about the impossibility not to repeat this experience and this fate. A story about how difficult it is to understand a loved one and forgive. “This performance is an immersion in the family chronicles of each of us, in childhood memories (happy and not so happy), in funny and uncomfortable situations that are so deeply stuck in our head that no“ positive thinking ”can get them out of there, as fashionable as and depersonalizing the memory of the family. This is recognition and living, and this is a head-on collision with your real self - you are the same as all those previous who were already in your family before you. And it's not about fatalism (development is meaningless, because everything is predetermined), but about awareness and acceptance - the happiness of understanding who you are and why, the happiness of living and being a continuation. " Olga Balabanova Age restrictions +15 Choreographer: Diana Kostyka Costume Designer: Anna Vishnevskaya Makeup: Alisa VstrechinskayaLight / sound: Nikita Shumsky

The poster of the event — XX. Family chronicle in "Theatre on Chaynaya" (bol. stage)