The events in Odessa at 27 July 2021

VAR'YATI / Humor show "Litni kanikuli"

27 July 2021, 19:00
category: humor
from 250 to 750 UAH
place: Summer theatre (Preobrazhenskaya St., 24)

Tickets  On 27 April 2021, a humorous show “VAR'YATI” in Odessa with a concert program “Literary Kanikuli” will be held at the Lite Theater “GORSAD”. It’s time to fix it up. It is quite logical for that, that their release "VAR'YATI" was decided to hold the Black Sea Battle! M'yaky, humor to the skin, heat with the Ukrainian flavor and no policy! A miraculous light summer evening of just the sky - the best way to look at food: what do you want to do in Odessa? Otzhe, the scene is near the Miskiy Garden in the very heart of the Holy Palmiri! Nespishna walk, juicy refreshing cocktail and warm show from "VAR'YATI"! We are very good at it! I ask for a skin call to our Literary Theater!

The poster of the event — VAR'YATI / Humor show "Litni kanikuli" in Summer theatre