The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

Persha dopoga in case of an accident

25 July 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
1100 UAH
place: The Centre Of Special Training (St. Composer Nishchinsky, 28)

Every day we hear the details of another accident on the news. Perhaps you yourself were even a witness of an accident, and many, unfortunately, also participants ... Could you personally help the victim? Do you know how to properly evacuate a person from a burning car? What to tell the dispatcher and what to do before the ambulance crew arrives? These and many other important questions, we will study and practice at the training “First aid in case of an accident”. We will also consider modern algorithms and international standards for the provision of first pre-medical care. We will work together with you all the skills in practice, using specialized equipment. You will become a participant in simulation situations where it will be necessary not only to show the correct practice of skills, but also to be able to work harmoniously in a team. In the lesson, simulated wounds and blood are used, as well as a real car, which will allow you to “immerse yourself” in the situation as much as possible and realistically. Training program: • Legal and psychological aspects of providing first aid; • Initial algorithm of actions when providing first aid; • Wounds and bleeding. Ways to stop life-threatening bleeding; • Examination of the injured person with trauma, specialized trauma examination; • Injury of the cervical spine, signs, practice and features of immobilization; • Bruises, dislocations, sprains; • Fractures of limb bones, transport immobilization; • Basics of casualty evacuation. Your result:- learn about modern international algorithms for providing first pre-medical aid; - learn how to competently conduct trauma examination and provide assistance; - you will be able to evacuate the victim from a burning car; - you will be confident in your own first aid skills, as you will practice them in practice under the guidance of experienced instructors certified to conduct training; - you will be able to save a person's life and health even before the arrival of an ambulance; - get answers to all your questions about the provision of first medical aid in case of an accident; - get a certificate of completion of the course in the provision of first medical aid! Special offers:  More knowledge - more discount! When registering and paying for 2 trainings - a discount of UAH 200. When registering and paying for 3 trainings - a discount of UAH 400.  Bonus for friends: Come together and get 10% discount for everyone.  -10% for members of the UAVO (Ukrainian Association of Weapons Owners). The training is also available in a corporate format, as a non-standard, interesting and very useful team-building event! This is real team building, where well-coordinated and well-organized teamwork is important. Find out the price and register:  +38 (097) 80-80-884 +38 (050) 01-43-423 - for corporate clients

The poster of the event — Persha dopoga in case of an accident in The Centre Of Special Training