The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

Kharkov duet 5`NIZZA

24 July 2021, 20:00
category: concert
from 390 to 1350 UAH
place: Summer theater "the terminal" (Primorskaya street, 6)

On July 24, on the main stage of the Seaport - cool and unique Sergey Babkin and Andrey Zaporozhets, or just the Kharkov duet 5`NIZZA! Sometimes they are sad and serious, but more often than not, cheerful and smiling give moments of happiness and positive carriages to their fans for many years. And there is no doubt that all tickets for the concert will be sorted out very quickly. Therefore, have time to snatch yourself! Come with a big company and just enjoy your favorite songs. EXCLUSIVE BEST HITS PROGRAM: THE LEGENDARY 5`NIZZA ON THE STAGE OF THE SEA STATION Life-like, metaphorical, wise and always accurate compositions of the duet can be listened to at different moments of life - when it is difficult and when everything is just cool. 5`NIZZA knows how to create not just songs, but a certain state, mood, vivid images and touch with witty and strong lines. Following the group's beseeching reunion, 5`NIZZA's popularity skyrocketed. The members of the duet today have a lot of life experience behind them, but they remain just as sincere and simple in communicating with the public. Come to sing together the legendary hits "Spring", "Soldier", "Jamaica", "Neva" and other songs, without which you can no longer imagine yourself. It will be soulful and unforgettable. Waiting for you!

The poster of the event — Kharkov duet 5`NIZZA in Summer theater "the terminal"