The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021


24 July 2021, 20:00
category: concert
place: The Stadium "Chernomorets" (St. Marazlievskaya street 1/20)

Tse, scho vi at once seen, to be called simply - wikid endorphins. 24 lipnya 2021 Max Korzh zaspiv Од in Odessa with thousands of fans of his hіty, zamіshanі on natural bedroom areas, badorom recitative and tedious dancing beats. It’s hard to guess that Max can easily take the Chornomorets stadium. "Maliy" did not just grow up, but became on a new light scale. Max іdko yes іnterv'yu. That stench, as if you can get a taste of the boy. Having been born in Bilorus, navchavsya in the "musical", going from the univer, going to the army: the biography of not a holy celebrity, but a friend from the courtyard. At once you think of naspivuute "Everyone wants to know and believe, love until a shiver on the skin ...", right? The "small" has already five albums, hundreds of concerts, more than 20 clips behind him. Yogo fanaty take bass-tour and vvazhayuyu the scaled fan-spirit of the victim's space. Korzha profit chuli from Kamchatka to Los Angeles. In 2019, having set a new record, won 5 stadiums, and made a profit at once from 120 thousand glances. Max's psyche is close to the skin, hto love life in a high and never cheat with strangers. In yogo clips, all the generations are perceived, as it is meysternally melted down at the word, melody and pictures. Critics call Max Korzh's concerts an “energy product”. The stench of justice carries a neurological emotional charge, and in the second place, with light, technical and dimovy special features, it becomes a reference to God, as it infects all the place.There are also two types of people: one axis was already viralized behind the signature pass, and they knew how to eat at the concert at the last moment (I wish it would be even more important). Then it’s quiet, but it’s not hard to find yourself at the Chornomorets stadium.

The poster of the event — MAX CAKE in The Stadium "Chernomorets"