The events in Odessa at 23 July 2021

Osteopathic Lymphatic Drainage

23 July 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
from 5500 to 6000 UAH
place: ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation (St. Trinity, 38, clinic 5, KAB.19)

Dear friends! We invite you to a seminar on July 23-25 ​​in Odessa. The WESHO School conducts The seminar is conducted by Vitaly Ivanov 1. Concept of Osteopathic Correction and Lymphatic Drainage. 2. About the concept of lymph. Circulation, composition, map of lymph movement. 3. Lymphatic vessels, nodes, tissues, organs of the lymphatic system. 4. Indications and contraindications for lymphatic drainage. 5. Diseases associated with dysfunction of the lymphatic system. 6. Puffiness and obesity. Views. Causes of occurrence. 7. Methods and means of stimulating drug cleansing. 8. Recommendations for maintaining drugs in a healthy state. 9. Questions and answers on the topic of lymphatic drainage. 30% of theory will not allow you to make mistakes in practice. 70% of the time - PRACTICAL DEVELOPMENT of the acquired skills. Hand positioning. individual approach ^. Namely : 1. The technique of listening to the movement of liquid. Therapist's tool. 2. ON REAL MODELS. Patient diagnostics: interrogation, visual and palpation. Learning to ask the right questions. 3. Work with the trunk lymph nodes. Millard Technicians. 4. Work with distal lymphatic vessels. Milking techniques, fluid drainage techniques 5. Work with the proximal lymphatic vessels. Milking techniques, fluid drainage techniques 6. Working with the diaphragms of the body. Osteopathic Correction Techniques. 7. Working with the cardiovascular system technicians from Sh. Giammatteo (locally for "cores" and with vascular problems).8. Work with the body fluid according to Vodder, Bruno Chikly, Miller, Zink, etc. Techniques "5 palms", chest nose, foot pump. 9. Chapman's neuro-lymphatic points. Review, partial working out. 10. AUTHOR'S TECHNIQUE when working with the fluid environment of the body. Secrets of personal practice. Author's techniques. 11. SELF drainage (men / women). 12. Lymphatic drainage taping. Justified procedure. 13. Instrumental lymphatic drainage. Techniques of the Goddoy family. 14. Work on bugs. Real examples from the practice of specialists. Personal experience of the teacher. 15. Combination of lymphatic drainage with physiotherapy. Personal experience of the teacher. Examples. skills. The cost of the seminar is 6000 UAH. Early registration for a seminar until June 19, the cost is 5500 UAH. At the seminar 6000 UAH. Prepayment to the card 2500 UAH is a guarantee of participation in the seminar. Organizer Ella Korobeinikova 0682625740 Viber whatsapp telegram The address of the event may vary depending on the number of participants.

The poster of the event — Osteopathic Lymphatic Drainage in ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation