The events in Odessa at 28 July 2021

Yuriy the Great. From great to smіsh

28 July 2021, 20:00
category: humor
from 250 to 850 UAH
place: Summer theater "the terminal" (Primorskaya street, 6)

Actor and author of "Evening Quarter", ex "Brother Schumacher", a talented comedian-paradist Yuriy the Great started a solo car. Having removed the red button on YuoTube, Yuriy Velikiy will move the numbers to the great stage. Do not go without impromptu, music, dances, and the artist's favorite humor. Yuriy the Great's solo recital in Odessa, the capital of humor, in the atmospheric music - the Seaport. First of all, Yuriy got special experiments for his fellow countrymen and guests of the Pivdennaya Palmyri. Come to the concert and take your friends.

The poster of the event — Yuriy the Great. From great to smіsh in Summer theater "the terminal"