The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021


25 July 2021, 21:00
category: concert
300 UAH
place: True man Hot Boat (Dolphin beach)

The HYPNOTUNEZ: concert-presentation of the new jazz-punk album "New Origins" "Hey ho! Use svingkor! Call Gera Luidze. Did you miss the hot shows of The Hypnotunez? Mi torba yak are bored! I don't want to go to the concerts themselves, as you follow them. "(C) Pislya of the next interrupt that transferred concerts of a big sabbath in Odessa! + Local support: Strait Jacket (psychobilly) What will you do? Progressive swing, nuclear jazz and rock'n'roll threes іntrumenti to sound so that adherents of classical music cry і tіkayut crof-lyubof, darkness, noir, treshachok, krch ... The Hypnotunez is a priceless musical form, which has taken swingers, punk-rock into the distance from her creativity, as well as from the inflow of many other direct music from the 30s of the 20th century to the present year. Tse is the only one in her own family, musical sumish, as she knew herself from the author's genre Swingcore, she sniffed a new life right next to Jazz-Punk. The edge is actively present in the Bagatyokh European countries. The guys were doing one scene with Gogol Bordello, Rezurex, Shut Up! Twist Again !, Oleg Skripka and other artists. More knowledge about herd: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: You can hear The HYPNOTUNEZ on streaming services: iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer. Art-club "TRUE MAN" (Dolphin Beach, 3/2) 25 / O7 Doors: 2O: OO tickets here: at the entrance - 3OOgrn. Until then!

The poster of the event — The HYPNOTUNEZ in True man Hot Boat