The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

Creative zustrich z Vitalin Zapekoyu (positive "Spilberg")

24 July 2021, 15:00
category: literary evening
place: Odessa regional library. V. V. Mayakovsky (Akademika Koroleva, 46)

On the 24th of 15.00 I will ask all those who want to be creative with a writer, a photographer, a volunteer, a soldier to the battalion "Poltava" Vitalim Zapekoy (positive "Spilberg"). The first notification is written in 2015, if you volunteered for the trip. Having started to write in Russian language, then go to Ukrainian language, and at once, in principle, learn to do your own thing with a "spell of the tongue". At the same time, dozens of reports and hundreds of drawings have been published in social framing. The creators of Vitalia Leonidovich are governed by subtle psychologism, irony, humor and instantly glimpse philosophical thoughts and thoughts. Create the author: The first time to announce the vidane at the zbirtsi "Great non-priest priests" (2017 p.) Photo album with reports about “Battalion“ Poltava ”. Rocky Viniy "(2018 p.) Announcement in the books "Word about wine 4.5.0" and "Word about wine-3" (2018-2019 pp ..) Anti-war novel "Tsutsik" (2019 p.) War-satirical novel "Heroes, heroes are no worse" (2020 p.) Completion of preparatory work for a book for children from 4 to 80.5 years "Polinka". I novelty 2021 - an intellectual novel "Absurd"! Also, do not miss it and wind up to the library at 15.00 on Saturday!

The poster of the event — Creative zustrich z Vitalin Zapekoyu (positive "Spilberg") in Odessa regional library. V. V. Mayakovsky