The events in Odessa at 01 August 2021

Luxury and beauty of Marazlievskaya street. With Maria Sklyaruk

01 August 2021, 16:00
category: tour
from 100 to 200 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

We invite everyone on August 1 to take a leisurely walk with Maria Sklyaruk along one of the most beautiful and quiet streets of the city - Marazlievskaya! Let's listen to stories about great people who lived here and did a lot of good for Odessa. We will reveal one by one the secrets of cozy courtyards, which are so carefully preserved by the walls of old mansions and tenement houses. We promise a lot of stories.  About the Odessa Greeks, their influence on our city and how they helped Greece gain independence from a distance.  About the great father and son Marazli, for whom "honor is more honorable" all their lives.  About the rich, grateful and famous: the stories of nobles, merchants, entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers who lived here.  About the fate of the Wolf Man.  About what a flower fight is and how it went. And, of course, we will notice the details, admire the architecture, be surprised, falling in love with Odessa again and again.   Date and time: August 1 at 16:00 ⏰ Duration: 2 hours  Type: pedestrian  Place of collection: st. Marazlievskaya, 7 (at the entrance to the World Club of Odessa residents)  Cost - 200 UAH. For children under 12 years old - 100 UAH. Friends, pre-registration for this excursion is required! ☎️ Phone for registration +380673870067 or write to us .

The poster of the event — Luxury and beauty of Marazlievskaya street. With Maria Sklyaruk in Location