The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

Creating family classes: how, with whom and why

24 July 2021, 13:00
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We invite parents and educators who are open to learning alternatives to meet. We organized an autonomous class for our children in 2016. Then another class was added. And further. And there was everything) Today, in the light of quarantine restrictions and the development (or underdevelopment) of distance learning, more and more parents are thinking about how to unite several families with children of the same age and teach them at a comfortable pace, in a suitable way. We really want to share our experience! It is important for us to get acquainted with other cases in this area. We plan to discuss: ➡️ where it all starts. ➡️ where to look for like-minded people. ➡️ the pros and cons of such an educational experiment. ➡️ the role of the parent in the family class. ➡️ the functions of the project organizer are not a director, not a consumer, but a manager and a servant. ➡️ the willingness of teachers to work in such systems. It is unlikely that one meeting is enough for everything, but we will try)) And we just want to meet, communicate, support and inspire each other. The mission of taking full responsibility for your child's education is not an easy task, but an important one. Important to whom? And let's talk about this. Where? Istanbul Park, Seaside Boulevard

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