The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

Body-oriented MK I. Lyamzin

24 July 2021, 19:30
category: master class
from 300 to 500 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Each person needs to be able to recognize feelings, be aware of their needs, set boundaries, build communication and interaction with others. Our parents should have provided us with the mastery of such skills in due time. Unfortunately, this did not always happen. Without proper experience, the soul gets stuck in its development, as a result, as adults, we react in problem situations as children, as adolescents, or even as babies. Everything that happens in a person's soul leaves an imprint on his body. All our unlived emotions are captured in the form of bodily and emotional clamps and tensions. The whole history of our life is reflected in the body ... It remembers everything from the moment of birth ... At the master class, you will learn about the methods of creating conditions for replenishing the lack of care, support, love, and going through a kind of "re-parenting". There will be some theoretical and informational part, as well as body-oriented practices that will allow each participant to more attentively feel their own body and its needs, hear messages that are important for the body and soul, and touch valuable experiences of their own dignity. Particular attention will be paid to the boundaries in personal contact, the ability to defend oneself without losing interconnection with another, while regulating the depth and quality of this interconnection. Also, you can ask the questions of your interest to the presenter and get answers to them.At the master class you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the project led by Ivan Lyamzin in Odessa - a therapeutic cycle of body-oriented trainings "NEVER LATE", the next open module "Attachment, autonomy and boundaries: getting to know the world and ourselves in it" will take place. July 23-25, 2021 Lyamzin Ivan Ivanovich - body-oriented psychotherapist; completed a full training course in bodynamics and completed the shock trauma training program (Bodynamic International certifications). Cost: 250 UAH, for param 400 UAH, cost per day of the event - 300 UAH, for param 500 UAH. ATTENTION! For the participants of the master class, when registering for the project, the cost of the master class is taken into account in the payment of the cost of participation in the project. Register by the link: Questions by phone: +38 066 130 53 54 (Viber / Telegram / WhatsApp), +38 098 277 11 92 - Irina Do not miss the chance to spend time interestingly and profitably! We are waiting for you :) Psychological space PsyLab, st. Marshal Govorov, 10d

The poster of the event — Body-oriented MK I. Lyamzin in Location