The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

Ballet "Scream"

17 September 2021, 18:30
category: play
from 50 to 410 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

TRIVALIST 1 year 30 hilin (with intermission) Ballet for 2 days Based on the novel "Go to Golgotha" by Oleksandr Zinov Premiere for ballet vidbulasya 15 May 2014 Members of the production group CHOREOGRAPHER: AUTHORS LIBRETO: Polina Zinov'eva, STAGE DIRECTOR: Polina Zinov'єva COSTUME ARTIST: Ursula Burger Stisliy zmist Dia 1 Scene 1 Svitanok. Misto awaken. There was a need to go to the rank exercise, but there was a need to prokidan, lying on the little maidan. Our hero is hostile to his dissimilarity to others. Yogo subtle spiritual organization, the reception of the light, the ideas and the world of niyak do not stand out from the backyards of the world by the inhabitants of the place. You can visit the closest friends. Scene 2 VIN does not fit in with the zychiany layout of the life of the city. At that hour, if his friends roam with the girls and laugh at our hero, VIN will become more and more fiddled with himself, intent on purifying his soul, saving a PEOPLE in his own. VIN has begun to conduct dialogue with his inner self, with his ANTIPODE, being able to know harmony and living with himself, with his conscience. Ale і s ANTIPODE VIN do not know well. Scene 3 Two non-vampiric friends digest your thoughts and smell their fun. It is the one who will burn the yaku VIN. Vin calls the Goddess. First of all, it’s necessary to enter into a rose with her, ale vona triva nedovgo. The Goddess goes with the others, vibrating more simple ways, more important for her life. VIN rose, shho VONA zruynuvala yogo ideal ... Scene 4VIN zalishaєtsya know one, boredom at his thoughts and experiences. Scene 5 Goddess i VIN. Tse plid yogo reveal the reality? Ale at once a stink - lights and zakohani. Scene 6 As soon as we are very strong, we are immediately aware of the power to spend and misunderstand - it is our aim. Fear does not allow us to break the coming croc. The results have a very good sense of the word - those who could have lived from afar. In yogo thoughts, there is an ANTIPODE, which will help you to keep the restlessness and experience in your soul. Scene 7 Our hero is mind, that life is the road of self-reliance, that ANTIPODE is deprived of its hope and world, of its Goddess. Self-reliance is growing more and more. Scene 8 The fear of hunting the hero: youmu marinate the Goddess with the ANTIPODE, їkh stage "kohannya", then, like the stink of mocking him. Scene 9 Samotn_y, VIN yde go, get ready to talk to the ANTIPODE. Ale ANTIPODE give the intelligence to our hero, that the hour has passed, but now the ANTIPODE has taken its place and seen its life. People make fun of our hero, do not bother rumors of his promises about great ideas, ideals, - even and so good. The stench of rozvazhayutsya and live tim, so it is glorious: dancing and orgy, carefree life, wine and tyutyun ... Painting 10Begin the only hope is that everything changes. Qiu nadіyu uoblyuє blows the Goddess and our hero. Here my chuєmo cry is the cry of the soul. The goddess speaks about those who are not able to live in a different way, go against the suspension and the systems, and the paths, which are simple and provocative. At the same time, everyone has a soul, and there is a light! But often it is sold to the dark forces: if kohamo is vidrikaamosya, it’s generally a virgin and zrajumo, it’s only one night, and once again, it’s so simple to live in the main focus. Painting 11 Zudzhennya. Nelyubov. Contempt. Nonsense. All of them overtook our hero. \ Diya friend Painting 12 Final All Life for 3:34 People, happiness, kohannya, fear, unreasonableness, wrestling, a vacuum. Action, like a vidtorga, znischu quiet, hto dissimilar to the others. It’s not a bad thing, it’s hard to fight, it’s not enough for senseu to live long ... Diyovi individuals LAPTEV: Stanislav Skrynnik, Dmytro Sharai ANTIPODE: Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Dotsenko, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Volodymyr Statniy, Dmytro Sharai, Bogdan Chabaniuk GODDESS: Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Maria Polyudova, Tetiana Afanyutina, Katerina Kalchenko, Olga Pilipeiko FRIENDS: Katerina Burdik, Viktoria Vorivodina, Maria Ryazantseva, Oksana Chepil, Veronika Levshina, Angelika Levshina FRIENDS: Stanislav Varankin, Mikola Vorivodin, Pavlo Grits, Denis Chernyak, Roman Lobkin, Denis Vasil'ev

The poster of the event — Ballet "Scream" in The Opera and ballet theatre