The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

All mice love cheese 5+

18 September 2021, 12:00
category: for children
from 100 to 150 UAH
place: TUZ (Grecheskaya St., 48A)

Author: Gyula Urban Genre: Fantastic melodrama in 2 acts. Viewers will see a romantic fairy tale with magic and transformations. Two mice, a boy and a girl, the offspring of two warring genera - gray and white mice - fall in love with each other. They have to defend their love, because someone once thought that gray and white mice should not be friends with each other ... Anything familiar about the plot? Yes, this is the real story of Romeo and Juliet - only the mouse Romeo and Juliet. But our story cannot end badly, because ... all mice are equally afraid of cats and love cheese!

The poster of the event — All mice love cheese 5+ in TUZ