The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Charitable "What? Where? When?"

18 September 2021, 14:00
category: the game
from 300 UAH
place: "Intellect-club No. 1" (St. Marazlievskaya street 1/20)

Dear friends! Odessa Connoisseur Society, Literary and Game Club "Erudite" named after V.Ya. Morokhovsky and the Odessa Business League project on "What? Where? When?" from 14.00 to 17.00 September 18, 2021 based on Intellect-club # 1 in Odessa (Shevchenkovsky business center, Chernomorets stadium) they are holding a charity tournament to raise funds for the treatment of Eva Morozovskaya, daughter of Irina Morozovskaya. Participation on conditions - freedonation. All collected money will be calculated and transferred to Irina. The recommended amount is 300 UAH / person. Registering commands under this post. Authors of questions are invited to participate in organizing the tournament. Among those who have already sent questions are Boris Burda, Viktor Vandinsky, Oleg Tarasenko, Pavel Polukhin, Denis Gonchar, Alexander Androsov and other good people. To become our author, you need to send me (Vladimir Nemertsalov) in a personal message 5 text questions, of which at least one (with attribution) will be included in the package. Questions are accepted until September 10, 2021 on a voluntary and free basis. One of the best young editors and one of the most experienced players in the city, Konstantin Evgenich, was involved in editing the package. It is planned to launch a charity synchronization based on this package, but that is a completely different story. For all questions, except for the question of registering teams, write in a personal. I will not answer all other messages under this post, or I will write: "write in a personal."

The poster of the event — Charitable "What? Where? When?" in "Intellect-club No. 1"