The events in Odessa at 21 September 2021

Prem'єra! Motherland prayer "Heart navpil" / Look at the stage

21 September 2021, 19:00
category: play
200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

Until the 30th of Ukraine's Independence Day Heart navpil ... if a new war starts, for on the edge of the fall of the yak іnsha kara, but it’s time for people to stand hiba scho on death ... The vistava-close-knit "Heart of Navpil" is set behind two short stories by Mary Matios, which were specially written by the author for the whole production of exclusive scenes. The tragic events of the last century in Ukraine on the basis of the history of the deciles of the Ukrainian and Jewish families open up the idea of ​​the slowness of the human spirit. Heroes, in spite of zhakhliv suspension-political furnishings, know the strength of the yak for support, so it is more powerful for life. The story is not about being attached, the story is about accepting the situation, humility, love, and the moment about the humility of the best opportunity, take the trouble, since the light is not visible to visit the most recent day. It’s not about relevance, but about faith in people, value in Promisel. By virtue of the good fortune of 12 winter women about the good fortune of the whole region. It’s quiet about smilivist, but we’ve already spent the best, and the readiness to spend everything. About zhaga to life in the middle of Satani panuvannya. About the destruction of the mighty attributions for the triumph of Love, the people of the right and hope for the future. Marya Matios: “If I get involved in our history, I’ll be built, I’m walking in the middle of the field, and I see myself as a sapper-writer, who thinks about all the changes”, - like Matios. Drama for one day Triviality - 90 quilins Look at the stageBehind the novels of Mary Matios "Apocalypse" and "12 services" Director - Oleksiy Hnatkovskiy, Honored Artist of Ukraine Artist - Yuliya Zaulichna

The poster of the event — Prem'єra! Motherland prayer "Heart navpil" / Look at the stage in Ukrainian theater