The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

"Spiv-buttya" by Dasha Chechushkova

17 September 2021, 12:00
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of modern art (Belinskogo St., 5)

August 29 about 18:00 - the rest of the week in the experimental center Muzeon will be seen on the display of Dasha Chechushkov's show "Spiv-buttya" Enter vilny Spіv-buttya is a complete autobiographical analysis inspired by a series of plots and thoughts from special artists. The space of the display grows on the piece rooms, which instantly and (metaphorically) change the story of the author's life, that (without the middle) create the space of the living space. The artistic narrative of the creation sprouted on the runt of the artist's experience of "spiv-buttya" - a spy-butt, life at once, of different forms of friendship and love. How can we get people together, what we call tsilim, or else we are going to sue to get lost in the fight against opposites? Naskіlki krihkim є tse ob'єdnannya? Chi є won’t be a blessing, chi a thug? At the singing stage, the artist knows the words of Grigoriy Skovorodi: "God is similar to the rich fountain, which is reminiscent of the small pottery from all over the world. Above the fountain is written the following:" Nerivna in all rivnist ". Llyuchitsya from the small pipes of the small streams to the small vessels, to stand near the fountain. Mensha is a little less than a little vessel, ale in that one is more than a big one, but everything is one and the same " ~~~ Dasha Chechushkova was born that live in Odessa. The artistic practice of mysticism is more beautiful for everything, but images like "Theater of Life" (look at the concept of gesamtkunstwerk) is a single tvir, in which it is easy to admit the new vision of art: painting, theater, video art, poetry.In painting and sculptures of Dasha, there is a visible infusion of naivu and arte povera. Mistkina zastosovu traditional crafts, іnstruments and natural forms with the aim of rethinking to understand the folk and sacred art. Personal displays: "Connection", 2018 (AURUM, Odessa) "Those scho ti maluush zhakh i horror", 2019 (NOCH, Odessa) "Book of the Powers", 2020 (SRZ-2, Odessa) "Book Water" - pidvodna, 2020 (SRZ-2, Odessa)

The poster of the event — "Spiv-buttya" by Dasha Chechushkova in The Museum of modern art