The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Mindfulness lesson with Lyubov Granenko

18 September 2021, 11:00
category: group training
place: Yoga Studio "Anahata" (LM rainbow, 16/1)

Every day we wash, brush our teeth, take a shower. But what about the hygiene of consciousness? It's just as important as staying fit! That is why we are introducing a Mindfulness class in our studio. Now you have the opportunity to learn more and learn the mindfulness practices that are used all over the world, including successful companies like Apple, Google, Intel. Research shows that VO practices improve the ability to regulate emotional manifestations, improve thought processes and get rid of negative attitudes. They also significantly improve the functioning of the body. Promote wound healing, strengthen immunity, increase resistance to stress, improve relationships with other people, etc. Mindfulness helps to avoid the consequences of rash behavior and get away from a joyless life "on the machine." Mindful awareness brings the mind into a state where present experiences are perceived directly, accepted as they are, and received with love and respect. This intrapersonal attunement promotes the development of a feeling of love. It is a form of self-reliance that creates a state of well-being and health. Classes are taught by a certified teacher of mindfulness practice Lyubov Granenko We invite you to the yoga studio "Anahata" (Raduzhny 16/1). Every Saturday at 11.00. With your love, Anahata!  懶#anahata #studioyoga #mindfulness #yoga #yoga studio #yoga studio # anahatastiyogi #practice #yogapractice #yoga practice

The poster of the event — Mindfulness lesson with Lyubov Granenko in Yoga Studio "Anahata"