The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Around Odessa by Vladimir Vysotsky

18 September 2021, 11:00
category: tour
200 UAH
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Vladimir Vysotsky visited this City so often that many considered him an Odessa citizen. Odessa in Vysotsky's biography - this is shooting in the famous films of the Odessa Film Studio - from "Vertical" to "The meeting place cannot be changed." These are sea voyages and friendship with captains, these are numerous "underground" concert performances throughout the city, these are meetings in Odessa kitchens. This is a special spirit and aura of the City, which gave impetus to the writing of many songs you know. And a lot more lyrical - after all, Odessa was "their" city for Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi ... We are used to making excursions around Odessa in the 19th century. We offer you a look at the City of the 60-70s of the 20th (last!) Century. And remember a little for that time! Registration and help by phone: 066-835-97-17, 063-17-11-844 (viber, whatsapp, telegram), 063-625-21-98. The cost is 200 hryvnia per person. #VladimirVysotsky, #MarinaVlady, #Excursions in Odessa

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