The events in Odessa at 19 September 2021

Skin Intensive Pro BODY

19 September 2021, 15:00
category: seminar/training
from 1000 to 1400 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Be in connection with yourself, the world, your life. Slowing down, grounding and gaining integrity ... Friends, we invite you to take some time for yourself and connect with yourself on the bodily intensive "Pro BODY" on September 19. In this space, we will know ourselves through the body, we will get to know ourselves and each other through movements and touch, we will learn to love our body and listen to what it tells us, we will learn to accept ourselves and connect with ourselves. WHAT WILL BE ON THE BODY INTENSIVE: ✅Creative Meditation Mirror. ✅Active meditation by Osho Kundalini. ✅Pair Body Practice Deep Touch. WHAT YOU WILL GET DURING THE INTENSIVE:  At the bodily level, muscle blocks and clamps go away, stress, fatigue are relieved, the body relaxes. Comes the tuning of the body in a healthy way. Your body will become light, mobile, relaxed  At the level of the mind, anxiety goes away, serenity and clarity of mind returns, thoughts subside and the mind gets rest. Answers to questions and a new look at the situation come.  At the emotional level, the psycho-emotional state is restored. Emotional blocks are released through stress relief. At the energy level, the energy balance of the whole organism takes place and the body is filled with energy. In our common space, you will be able to connect with yourself, feel your value and be filled with a state of joy and happiness. You will rest your body and soul, you will receive a surge of strength and inspiration. WHO DOES:Tatiana Grinchuk (Jaya) - psychologist, instructor of body-oriented practitioners, certified host of Osho dynamic meditations, coach of ACC ICF, Master of the Corps of Deep Practitioners, Master of Deep Touch and Deep Breathing, Reiki Master. WHERE: st. Kanatnaya, 42. ⏰ WHEN: September 19 at 14:30. Duration 3.5-4 hours. Payment cost: until September 13 - 1000 UAH after September 13 - 1200 UAH on the day of the event - 1400 UAH (subject to availability of seats in the group). The number of places in the group is limited. ☎Questions and registration by phone (viber, telegram) 063 538 63 38.

The poster of the event — Skin Intensive Pro BODY in Location