The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

Veloforum Hub Odesa / Offline and Online

17 September 2021, 10:00
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Do you want to know how you can visit cycling? Todi is up to you. ⚡️New theme, new format Veloforum 2021 Uzhhorod theme is cycling tourism. The international conference through the pandemic will first be seen online in 4 places of Ukraine: the main program in Uzhgorod and hubs in Odessa, Berdyansk and Kramatorsk. I ask you to marvel at Veloforum 2021 online from our place at once from Veloforum Hub Odesa! The Hub has its own offline logins program. Resolution on obov'yazkov's pod: Veloforum is the center of a single conference in Ukraine for the re-development of transport policy, the development of the city and the community's support. A great fate will be held on the 17-19th spring before extinguished "Cycling tourism is a fix for the development of territories". Throughout three days from Uzhgorod, we will broadcast online lectures, presentations, discussions, workshops for the participation of 50 experts and experts from Ukraine and the world. At the conference, learn about the best practice of cycling in Ukraine and beyond the cordon, current information about the development of bicycle infrastructure, news of the national legislation on cycling and the latest solutions for the development of mobility. The main program Veloforum 2021 in Uzhgorod is available for viewing online on the conference website. Veloforum Hub Odesa has my own program and location, please! At the same time Veloforum Hub Odesa, a workshop was held and it was tried to show the vitality and importance of nutrition for the community of Odessa. The results of the workshop will be split and published in digital format.Local coordinator in Odessa - GO VeloVector, for help We are constantly updated with new information about the speakers, activities and those who follow the updates #Veloforum #VeloforumHubOdesa Who is Veloforum 2021 for? Mustache, as the head: representatives of the representatives of the Institution of the Municipal Government, the planning of the transport infrastructure, business, the community sector and students from the efforts of Ukraine. Veloforum 2021 will be in Uzhgorod as a part of the transcordon project “Bike AcceNT: Bicycle Accessibility of One Territory”. Proєkt realіzuєtsya Center sotsіalnih that dіlovih іnіtsіativ (Yaremcha), the Agency became spriyannya rozvitku Carpathian regіonu "Forza" (Uzhgorod) in partnerstvі of Pryashіvskoyu cycling GROUP Kostіtryas (Slovachchina) that spіvfіnansuєtsya ЄS within prog transkordonnogo spіvrobіtnitstva Єvropeyskogo Іnstrumentu Susіdstva Ugorschina-Slovachchina-Rumunіya- Ukraine. Spіvorganizators podії є Uzhgorodskaya Miska is glad to U-Cycle (GO "Association of cyclists Kiev"), which will hold Veloforum in Ukraine since 2008. Xabi Veloforum 2021 in Odesa, Berdyansk, Kramatorsk to pass for the pictures to the IM Foundation. Gaynrikha Bjoll, Bureau Kyiv - Ukraine. Trochi of historyNagadaєmo, in 2020, Veloforum was transferred through quarantine. In 2019, the 11th Veloforum was visited by Vinnitsa, and 200 people from 8 regions and 54 settlements of Ukraine were welcomed. At the forefront of the conference, the conference was attended by Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kriviy Rig, Lviv, Poltava, Evpatoria, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk. 隸 ‍♀️ 隸 ‍♂️Vi asked, we brought VELOFORUM to Odessa!

The poster of the event — Veloforum Hub Odesa / Offline and Online in Location