The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

Specialization from sexology

17 September 2021, 09:00
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REQUEST TO GET DODATKOVA SPECIALIZATION ON SEXOLOGIS. Sexuality permeates all spheres of human life. My people are living with her. You can bring joy if you are a fellow citizen, help you to get it, zatzuvlyuvati that lyakati, zmushuvati niyakoviti or write yourself. Our sexuality is rich and so much more simply for the satisfaction. There is also a way of communication, and self-development, and self-improvement. We ask you to get involved in the education of human sexuality, in the science of sexology. If you don’t get hungry, it’s better than that. See us proponmo: - academic format of the Victory Day - polydisciplinary training - cool victories - it is optimal to read theoretical and practical material - Interview groups - lull and savory kava-break. See you ochіkuєmo: - get a grasp of the basic education that bazhannya. Will you win? - Self-promotion - I will require a special analysis - Knowing how to advance your competitiveness - Expansion of your professional skills - Naviki sexology counseling - Instruments robots with sexual options - Instrument robots with sexual bet problems - Certificate from the National Institute of Sexology and Sexual Health - Possibility to get to the core of Ukrainian sexologists Why me? In addition, there is a single course, which allows you to gain insight into the academic knowledge of sexology. No pop, no vodi.Insurance course for psychologists, teachers, psychotherapists, doctors, etc. You can fill in an application for entry for the sake of your permission: The course consists of 15 three-day modules. At a frequency of 1 module for 2 months. Hearings will be taken care of by distribution materials and books in the electronic viewer. What is in kint? Upon completion of the program and at the end of the certification process, the participant has received a certificate from the National Institute of Sexology and Sexual Health, and also, you can get to the professional skills of sexologists. Detailed information about the program for your request: Contact phone number (viber \ telegram): 0687661475 (Mikhailo)

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