The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

I course module for tantra-tichers / D. Gabliya, N. Eremenko

17 September 2021, 16:00
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✈️Do you like the idea of ​​traveling with seminars around the world? 欄 Do you want to meet your like-minded people anywhere in the world? You are warmed by the idea of ​​becoming a sought-after specialist in a new, rapidly developing direction and making good money? ⠀ And at the same time, you believe that there is something that unites all people on Earth and that everyone needs for a happy and meaningful life? 律 Are you interested in being an example for others, living your life in balance and harmony? ⠀ ❣️Become a tantra teacher on our 240-hour course of the Tantris school according to the author's program Daria Gabliya and Natalia Eremenko! ⠀ Two experienced trainers have prepared for you 5 modular training (7-day course every six months), in which you can master a demanded and very beautiful profession, take a course of personal transformation and begin to fully and successfully lead groups after the first two modules. ⠀ 1st module will be held from 17 to 23 September 2021 in Shantambala - the best retreat center in Ukraine, which is located near Odessa in Novaya Dofinovka. ⠀ ☝️Briefly about the 5-week school program ⠀ We will master the subtleties that you will not get at any other training for trainers of other directions. After all, here we combine professional facilitation and personal spiritual transformation, ancient knowledge and your own creativity, an open heart and contemplation in relation to the group process. ⠀ Each module is built as follows:the first three days, you become a participant in a deep and intense tantric seminar, as a student and an assistant at the same time. You go through all the stages of a tantric workshop, including heart opening, sexuality and meditation. Then for 4 days we analyze in detail what is happening, give you a reading of the theory, study basic practices and learn to create our own. ⠀ 1️⃣About the first module In this module we will study tantric and other ancient practices for working with the body, learn to work with the body, with physical blocks, with energy. We will learn to work with basic sexuality, remove inhibitions on sexuality and pleasure, awaken body awareness, open the spiritual heart through physical exercise. ⠀ 1st module program ⠀ ✅Theory: History of Neo-Tantra. Osho, Osho masters, Russian masters. Trends in Modern Tantra Tantra and modern psychology. Tantric therapy. A thin line between gentleness and protection. Tantra and Body-Oriented Therapy. W. Reich, A. Lowen and others. ⠀ ✅Boundaries and Limitations, Consent Practices A space of harmony, trust and safety as a basis for healing and subsequent disclosure of sexuality. Wheel of Consent. 3 minute game. Give and take dynamics. Serve-let dynamics. ⠀ ✅Practices for setting and exploring boundaries What if someone's boundaries are violated? Support for participants in case of non-compliance with borders. Coach boundaries: where they begin and where they end. ⠀✅ Breathing practices used in Tantra: What tasks do we solve at seminars with the help of breathing practices? Tantric breathing. Feature and difference from yoga breathing. Yogic pranayamas for energy control and management. When can they be used in a workshop? Balancing breathing techniques. Ambulance for participants. Transpersonal breathing techniques used in Tantra (holotrope, biodynamic breathing, rebirthing, vivation, etc.) ⠀ ✅Working with the body: Body preparation. How to help newbies turn on the body? Relaxation and energization of the body. Where to start bodily tantric practice? At what point should the practice be stopped? Basic and author's practices for relaxing and energizing the body. Unlock the body. Tantric techniques and related techniques for diagnosing and releasing body blocks. Bodily catharsis. Management of the cathartic process. Creation of a safe container in catharsis. Why and is catharsis always needed in practice? An alternative to catharsis. Body grounding. The importance of grounding. How to understand that now you need to ground yourself? Which practices should you choose at what point? Types of injuries sewn into the body. How not to lead workshop participants into trauma? How to get rid of the injury if they get there? How to diagnose body trauma? Attitude to the body in Tantra. Body awareness. On each module you will receive a manual, which will contain a short description of all the above topics. ⠀  Upon completion of the course, you will receive:Certificate of the Russian and Ukrainian Tantris school, confirming your knowledge and qualifications, allowing you to conduct tantric seminars and master classes. ⠀ Your trainers: ⠀ 律 ‍♀️Darya Gablia (Moscow) - in Tantra since 2001. Founder of the Center for Inspiration in Moscow. Owner, organizer and master of the TAHTPIS festival. Master of Sexual Tantric and Danish Practices. This is a coach who never knows what task she will give in a minute. This is a creator who creates practices, like an artist paints a picture with bold strokes. He is a master who can create meditation and prayer from everything: from food, from sex, from conversation, from anger, from touch. All her practices are imbued with subtlety and erotism. ⠀ 律 ‍♀️Natalia Eremenko (Kiev) - in Tantra since 2009, has been teaching since 2013. A master who easily opens hearts, creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in groups, works a lot and efficiently with the body. ⠀ Head of the School of Relations TANTRIS, creator of the "Academy of Love" project, within which several hundred trainings were held in various cities and countries, organizer of the festivals YoTa-fest, Enjoy, TANTRIS, Golden Unicorn - in Russia, Ukraine and Goa. Author and presenter of trainings on tantra and bodily practices, sexologist-consultant recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, psychologist-consultant with higher education, certified professional massage therapist (diploma of the School of Oriental Massages at the Institute of Physical Education of St. Petersburg). 3 higher educations, family, two children. ⠀ Briefly about their activities:I conduct regular practices in Kiev in spring and autumn. We travel with my husband and youngest son to different countries, every year we winter in warm countries. Every summer I hold festivals and retreats at the seaside of Ukraine. ⠀ ‼ ️ IMPORTANT !!! ⠀ The most valuable thing in this course is that you go through offline transformation, study in a space where live emotions, feelings, reactions reign, you feel the bodies, hearts, states of other people. And the fact that you do not look at the screen of a phone or computer, but see the whole body as a whole, read the movements of the participants, observe the whole picture. ⠀ ‍In this increasingly popular online age, there will soon be no chance to undergo body education live. And the education that we offer you, perhaps, will soon make us "tantrasaurs" who love to touch live, look into the eyes not through the screen, feel the breath on their skin, hear the vibration of the voice, not distorted by gadgets. ⠀ 練 If you are one of the Tantrasaurs, hurry up to register for our course! ⠀ And now a little about what will be on the next modules ✔️Working with feelings ✔️ Male-female aspect ✔️Tactile ✔️Energy Tantra Practices ✔️Sexy Tantra ✔️ Tantra rituals in modern seminars ✔️Meditation preparation for students ✔️The Art of Teaching ✔️Creating master classes and seminars, techniques and practices ✔️Working with objections ✔️Promotion, marketing, copywriting, documentation ✔️Scaling projects ⠀and much more. Only first-year students will receive the following modules for the purpose of copyright protection. ⠀ ❓Do you want to become a student of the Tantris School Tantra course in a short time? ☎️Register by phone and messenger +380677919282 (Natalia Eremenko) +380978806464 (Daria Gablia) ⠀ Course cost. ⠀ Despite the fact that this course gives you a full-fledged and promising profession, as well as the fact that this course is taught by two professional trainers at once, we decided to leave for our first students the price that we set for a regular weekly tantra seminar with one tantra teacher ... You can rest assured that for the next streams, prices will at least double. But we are ready to make this gift to those who quickly make a decision! ⠀ The workshop costs 400 euros. Note! The price can go up at any time! ⠀ Plus, you will need to pay for room and board in Shantambala. For accommodation prices see here Food is here ___________________________ ☯️For loyal fans of Tantra! ⠀ ❣️ Information for those who love Tantra but just want to practice it for themselves. ⠀ The first three days from September 17 to September 19, anyone can join our course and take part in the first part of the program - the Sensual Body Mania seminar ⠀  Details here

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