The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Kіnesіology and kіnezіoteypuvannya. Aesthetics revealing that model

18 September 2021, 09:00
category: seminar/training
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Teipuvannya of being exposed in aesthetic purposes is rapidly gaining envelopes. Why did the method become so popular and what is it about? ⠀ The basis of the robotic tape is the principle of fixing the surface ball of the shkiri. Apply teipi man senses to the front of the robot with guises: for example, writing massage or kinesiological practices. In such a way the teip doesn’t fix the results. ⠀ A number of natural problems can be seen behind the addition of kinesiology: ✔️ Usunuti swelling; ✔️ Rozslabyiti abo tonizuvati m'yazi denouncing; ✔️ Speed ​​up the recording of your operations; ✔️ Nadati rejuvenating lifting effect. ⠀ The effect of kinesioteypuvannya is accumulative, so it is recommended to carry out the procedure regularly for 15-30 minutes, to reach the visible result. ⠀ If the shkira is exposed and the childish-fatty prodigal is thin, then the effect will be trivial. In the case of a small, pasty skin, the result can be less remembered. Wrong application of tapes can, navpaki, provoke a loss of bulk and lead to creases on the skirts, and a vicious tepu - to a pigmentation and release of epidermis. ⠀ Well, the best: all the more and more will be in the updated course "Science and science of education: the aesthetics of exposing and modeling of the matter" ⠀ The number of people is surrounded, so you should be sure to reserve your own place

The poster of the event — Kіnesіology and kіnezіoteypuvannya. Aesthetics revealing that model in Location