The events in Odessa at 19 September 2021

Jewish Atlantis with Zeev Wolf and Hero Grudev

19 September 2021, 12:00
category: tour
350 UAH
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JEWISH ATLANTIS: Forgotten Heroes and Unknown Addresses - a completely new tour of Jewish Odessa from Zeev Wolf and Hera Grudev. The stories that we will tell have never been heard on excursions. The characters that we will talk about, even if you are familiar, will definitely appear in a new light. And many places that we will visit with you will be a discovery for you. Beaten routes and long-learned names and facts will not interest us on this walk. And we will explore new points on the city map, remember forgotten names and stories. We will restore the circumstances erased from public memory, in which it was in Odessa that practically all the basic Jewish concepts were formulated. We will talk about how the newest ideas were tested and implanted here. The walk will be long, intense, causing a long aftertaste. Thinking over what you heard, in any case, will take more than one day.  We start on September 19, Sunday  12:00  Meeting point: Staroportofrankovskaya, 97 (at the corner with Tiraspolskaya) ⏱ Duration of the walk: 3.5-4 hours  Participation fee: 350 ₴ We will finish the walk in Vera Inber Lane, near Shevchenko Park. We walk on foot for a long time, be mentally prepared. Please be sure to book your seats: Join and invite friends. There will be no limit to our gratitude.

The poster of the event — Jewish Atlantis with Zeev Wolf and Hero Grudev in Location