The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Imperial fire massage

18 September 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
3500 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

Imperial Fire Massage The seminar is based on the ancient knowledge of Chinese, Tibetan, Indian and Slavic fire therapy. It can be used as a separate procedure or in combination with different massage techniques in cosmetology, wellness practices, and an anti-cellulite program. The seminar is based on the use of herbal infusions that allow the body to work at different depths and work with individual parts of the body. At the seminar:  Fundamentals of herbal medicine - the use of herbs, infusions and decoctions in health-improving practice;  Types of alcoholic infusions and their use in Imperial Fire Massage;  Safety and workplace organization;  Cosmetic application of the procedure;  Wellness practices throughout the body (including the head and face);  Anti-cellulite program using tools; At the end of the seminar, a certificate is issued in Ukrainian and English. Technical support and advice from each master!  The seminar will provide: alcoholic infusions, oils, herbs, notes, beech scraper for anti-cellulite massage and consumables.  Workshop plan  History of the origin of massage  Types and differences of alcoholic infusions  Indications and contraindications for use  Types of fire massage  The basis of herbal medicine - Herbal decoctions and oils for treatment  Safety precautions  Preparing and conducting the "Imperial Fire Massage"  Method 1: - Back massage; - Foot massage: thigh, lower leg, foot;- Anti-cellulite program; - Hand massage: shoulder, forearm, hand; - Belly massage; - Chest massage;  Method 2 - Facial massage; - Eye massage; - ShVZ massage; - Massage of the lumbosacral region; - Chest massage.  Course duration - 1 day Cost - 3500 UAH ⚡ (if prepaid before September 1, 3000 UAH) ⚡ Registration - ☎ Tel./viber +380933164947

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