The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

Odessa Business Forum

17 September 2021, 09:00
category: forum
place: The concert-hall "Sady Pobedy" (Akademicheskaya str, 28)

Odessa Dilovy Forum is a continuously developing platform and a quick start, meta yakogo - to represent mid-line and short-line plans in the implementation of the main vectors of economic strategy, as well as to create new ideas, update the results, update the results. The Forum selects on its platform provincial experts, business and science leaders, to hold networking sessions, events, seminars and conferences, dedicated to the key themes of the 20 th Economic Strategy of the Great Odesa. EKONOMICHNA BIZNES-VIZIA The economic strategy of Veliko Odesa is the main priority in investment, export, industrial, transport and logistics, tourism, cultural and social trends. Compete for respect, investment, talent in the current global society with skin rock mustache. Power, the region of the whole world is investing in smart technologies and integrated marketing of their places. Play the one that is victorious with the help of technology and zoom in on the effective institute platforms to unite the efforts of the parties: residents, business spirits, education and science, establishments. Breakdown, control and implementation of the economic strategy is the main goal of the consolidated business spirit. Odessa dilovy club recognizing on itself the prominence and the role of the coordinator in the formulation of the pre-government strategy and the collaboration and collaboration of all stakeholders for the implementation of the project.

The poster of the event — Odessa Business Forum in The concert-hall "Sady Pobedy"