The events in Odessa at 15 September 2021

Quiz. 4 game 2 seasons

15 September 2021, 20:00
category: the game
200 UAH
place: The Restaurant "Mozart" (Lanzheronovskaya str., 13)

On Wednesday, as always, we invite you to spend your time with pleasure and benefit. How exactly? Play an entertaining and educational game with friends! We guarantee a good quiz and a welcome drink for every player!  PLACE - restaurant "Mozart", st. Lanzheronovskaya, 13/1 欄 Teams up to 8 people  PARTICIPATION - 200 UAH per participant + a welcome drink as a gift for each participant! 壟  Treats the Trade House "Wines of the World" (@Odessa_vinamira)  ✏ Reservation: ☎️ + 38 050 03 76 505 or TEAM REGISTRATION FORM at the link: Please be sure to leave your contact details when registering to avoid inconvenient situations. What is this Quiz is a modern way to make the most of your time. Unlike "Brain-ring" and "What? Where? When? ", The quiz does not make the players seriously" puzzle ". Questions are not about knowledge, but about logic! Participants give answers in a playful way, in an atmosphere of fun gatherings with friends with moderate alcohol consumption. ⚙️ How everything goes: The game consists of several rounds. Each has its own theme and conditions. Tours also have media questions with pictures, audio or video. The facilitator reads out the questions. The task of the team is to write the correct answer in the form within the allotted time. Points are calculated depending on the amount of data given by the team of correct answers. ✅ How to get to the game: First  register a team using the link or by ☎️ + 38 050 03 76 505We will contact you to personally confirm the registration. Then Come to the restaurant "Mozart"  In progress Get involved in the game, and spend an interesting evening with friends over a glass. In the end You are charged with positiveness and understanding that it is not necessary to be a gold medalist to know a lot! We guarantee gifts ❤️ And do not forget about the most important thing about the quizzes from "Hedonist": everything is much easier than you think!

The poster of the event — Quiz. 4 game 2 seasons in The Restaurant "Mozart"