The events in Odessa at 19 September 2021

Preparing the menu "Warm Autumn"

19 September 2021, 14:00
category: master class
800 UAH
place: Cooking school "Hoarder" (Pushkinskaya str., 30)

I offer a new master class "Warm autumn" Why warm? - two dishes with warming spices, and the cookies themselves are associated with warmth and comfort, like chicory. Why autumn? - because now is September, which is still warm and you want something tasty and light. In Plyushkin on September 19 at 14:00 we will prepare the menu "Warm Autumn". What will happen:  Fruit salsa with pepper and ginger;  Carrot pancakes with herbs and cumin;  Cookies "finansier" with chicory MASTER CLASS FORMAT  We get together at 14:00 at 119 Uspenskaya Street. If necessary, we will refresh ourselves with coffee or cool down with water.  Let's start by tradition with dessert, so that the cookies are baked and have time to cool down by the end of the tasting of the main course.  Together we will peel and cut the fruit, prepare the dressing.  Let's try salsa with crackers and white wine.  Rub a lot of carrots together and fry the pancakes.  We will try everything and, satisfied, we communicate.  There is no violence in Plyushkin. Your active participation in the process is encouraged, but not required. We cook in a light, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with music and jokes. THE TERMS OF PARTICIPATION 1. Register for the master class at the link  2. Enter 400 UAH of prepayment, card number in the registration form. 3. Arrive at the appointed time with the rest of the payment and enjoy the process. Participation cost  reduced to 800 UAH.  only in September (I sympathize with all parents of schoolchildren this month)#plushkinMK #plushkinCookingClass #OdessaCookingClass #plushkinCulinary LessonOdessa

The poster of the event — Preparing the menu "Warm Autumn" in Cooking school "Hoarder"