The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

Music lessons for adults 16+

17 September 2021, 18:30
category: master class
200 UAH
place: Studio (French b-R, 33)

Music lessons for adults Greetings to all music lovers! Have you wanted to make music and play an instrument for a long time but don't know if you should do it or not? Do you love violin, piano or guitar? Since childhood, have you wanted to make music, but there were no opportunities to make your dream come true? Then I can help you fulfill your old dream :) In my classes, you will learn the basics of musical grammar: - Records of notes and durations - Guess the notes by ear, sing them and write them down correctly - Get to know the peculiarities of the structure of the instrument and the technique of playing stringed instruments and piano - Improve your sense of rhythm - And you will also have a fun and interesting time  With my lessons, you can choose for yourself an instrument that you would like to study, find out if you have an ear and a sense of rhythm (even if we do not even have this, we will also learn with you), and in general, understand whether you need to start learning music. How difficult or easy it will be for you :) Classes will be held once a week as part of a mini group of 5-7 people. In the process, you will be able to determine for yourself the direction, the instrument, and also your ability to music. There is no fixed number of lessons. Since everyone can choose for themselves how many lessons to attend  Price 200 UAH per lesson by appointment Address : Odessa Film Studio on French Boulevard date and time September 17 18.30 Duration 1 hour Age:Classes are designed for adults and adolescents at least 16 years old I also offer classes on such instruments from scratch as violin, piano and guitar. The first 10 lessons, we will get acquainted with the instrument and figure out how to play it. It is not necessary to have your own instrument for this period. In these lessons, you will make it clear for yourself whether you should buy an instrument and whether you should study it in more depth. As much as it will be fun for you, it is easy and useful. Both individual lessons and lessons in mini-groups up to 3 people are possible I am waiting for you all in my lessons! I sincerely hope that learning music will be an interesting and fun process for you. Everyone is good  For all questions and appointments, please call: +380955632709 - Natalia

The poster of the event — Music lessons for adults 16+ in Studio