The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Photo trip to the Ukrainian desert and coniferous forest

18 September 2021, 07:00
category: tour
1280 UAH
place: Studio club of adventurers "Workshop" (Dvoryanskaya str., 5)

WHEN: September 18 (Saturday) WHERE: Kherson region Ukraine has its own desert - sands in the Kherson region. For a second, they are one of the largest deserts in Europe. Completely unattractive to our eyes, but such enchanting landscapes of the endless sky and sandstorms - we will walk along a unique area with professional photographers, leaving time for an excursion from the locals. And we will also look into the most beautiful coniferous forest of the country - the Tsyurupinsky forest and visit with a survey in Kherson. Forest, desert, new city and many photos - all in one day. Travel photographers: Vladimir Melnik - Edward Popik - PRICE: 1280 UAH The cost of the trip includes: - bus passage - photoset (10 processed photos for each participant) - excursions - entry tickets - dinner - accompaniment Trip schedule: Sat: September 18 at 7:00 - departure from Odessa Sat: September 18 at 11:00 - sightseeing tour of Kherson Sat: September 18 at 12: 30 - lunch Sat: September 18 at 14:00 - departure to the forest, photoset and excursion through the forest Sat: September 18 at 20:00 - departure to Odessa Sun: September 19 at ~ 00: 00 - we are at home Recording by phone: 097 212 55 66 (Viber / Telegram)

The poster of the event — Photo trip to the Ukrainian desert and coniferous forest in Studio club of adventurers "Workshop"