The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

Franch space odesa

17 September 2021, 11:00
category: the conference
place: Hotel-restaurant complex "Odessa" (Gagarin plateau, 5)

Yak turn that rospochati vlasnu right? What is the scale of business? Come #FranchSpaceOdesa and zrobi first croc to mriya! 17 heresnya check on you: - conference "Business Colonization" - cool cases from TOP-speakers: Dmitry Borisov (Family restaurants of Dmitry Borisov), Oleksiya Kostilova (Ninja Sushi, Ninja Wok), Vladislav Savchenko (Foodex24), Valeriya Ivanov (Franch), Alex Yanovskiy (X100 holding), Taras Serdyuk (Mafia, Casta, Bao, Nam) and ін .; - Espozone of the best franchises for Pivdnya; - presentation of new mega-franchises and forecast of development of podіy on the franchise market; - Authentic Odeska Supper and Jazz Concert on the Birch of the Sea from Yaroslav Trofimov; - Outside the experience of franchising and production in a friendly atmosphere; - networking and spilkuvannya z timi, hto you on the right mind). Location: hotel complex "OK Odessa" Tickets on (catch the promo code fb_FSO_10% for START tickets) Details at General partner: "Franch" company

The poster of the event — Franch space odesa in Hotel-restaurant complex "Odessa"