The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021


18 September 2021, 20:00
category: humor
300 UAH
place: Theater on Nezhinskaya (st. Nizhinskaya, 77/79)

In Persha at Odessa. Stand Up Battle Club go on tour! How can you be more beautiful, not be amazed at the sound of your loving comics and mercilessly from these zhartivs? Our YouTube and tik-current channels are rapidly developing the popularity of our comics in a step-by-step fashion. The most popular Ukrainian YouTube channel with stand-up chastkovo knowing you about the creativity of our comics, now you can feel profit at your place. Five wonderful people wander around the seven beautiful places of our land, to share their monologues with you. ▪️Lara Mandzyuk is a part of our team. Isolation of the Transcarpathian flavor and female doors. Humor without taboos is already calling soon at your place. ▪️Maxim Kravets is the oldest and apparently found out participant to the team, his monologues are like older people, so the younger is the generation of the charisma and presentation of Maxim. ▪️Roman Shcherban - Nayvusatishy participant. Tse lyudin, yakiy verish and from what you do not want to build a look, Іstorії, as you want to rehearse. And you will feel the power of the future. ▪️Vadym Dzyunko - Rivnenskiy Batiar and spoken patriot of his state. Yoogo love to comedy and minding the smile of the day do not overshadow you ▪️Bogdan Vakhnich is the safest participant, also Bogdan is a dyyuchy lykar of shvidkoy help. Lack of tsikavich and smallest histories of medical life, lightness and flavor, as viprominuvatie comic does not overwhelm you with baiduzhim. Well, ukrainian? Are you ready for our first stand-up tour? Get ready to eat little ones, mi vijjzhamo!▪️Yes? Beit - Grand, Odessa, Nizhinska, 77/79 ▪️Koli? 18 Veresnya ▪️At that? 20:00 SWITCHES:С18092021

The poster of the event — STAND UP Battle CLUB in Theater on Nezhinskaya