The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

Oksamitiy season. Display of author's lyalki and sketch-drying

16 October 2021, 10:30
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov (Polish str., 19)

The summer heat subsided. The residents of Odessa opened their windows and breathed a sigh of relief after the guests had left. We took up our usual activities, leisure, creativity. They live, not pose - they are at home! And a house in Odessa is not only four walls and a locked door, but also a balcony, and a window, and a courtyard, and a street, and a market, and a beach of your beloved city ... Let's find out how "mother's residents" spend their time new exhibition project "Velvet Season"! The basis of the project is the author's dolls by Alexander Bessarabov, a series of works "Mother's inhabitants", which will present Odessa characters from folklore, as well as caricatures of quite real Odessa citizens. The series "Mother's inhabitants" by Alexander Bessarabov was created throughout the year. The very idea of ​​the windows of Odessa characters was born from the phrase of M. Zhvanetsky: "Open the window, listen, you don't need to compose anything in Odessa." And first, famous literary, folklore characters began to appear, like Mishka Yaponchik or Aunt Sonya. The topic caused a wide response from the audience, and the author decided not to stop and try to give them a greater portrait resemblance to those specific people who walk with us in Odessa alone ...Alexander says that he has always loved the work of Herluf Bitstrup and has successfully drawn cartoons from a young age. Combined this with the experience of portraying on monuments, modeling skills, carpentry and decoration. And the result is a very expressive series, in which the whole essence of a person is enclosed in narrow window boundaries, in a light humorous manner and with great warmth, in the collective images of the heroes we recognize Boris Bukhman, Yakov Gopp, Oleg Shkolnik, Roman Kartsev and many others ... To create dolls in the author's technique, the Cernit polymer baked mass is used - these are faces, hands. The rest is textiles (clothing), fur (hair), metal, glass, brass, wood, genuine leather (objects of entourage). Elena Filippova about the author: Alexander has long been known for his caricature dolls, as well as for his steampunk works - this is the pilot Utochkin, flying on wings worthy of the drawings of the great Leonardo da Vinci, a submarine, an airship made of leather and metal. But, thanks to such collections as "Gnomes" and "Riders", the master showed himself to be a real storyteller and a kind wizard. And such puppet characters of his work as Carlson with a propeller powered by pressing that very cherished button, or Pope Carlo, carefully cutting Buratino out of a log - this is Alexander himself, the same inventive master with imagination without boundaries and productive for the most incredible ideas.The project was accompanied by an exhibition of sketch-drying by members of the Urban Sketchers Odesa group, who will tell about the life of Odessa characters and their habitats in lively and charming city sketches. Participants: Svetlana Mikhalevich, Maryana Bryukhanova, Ekaterina Bogdanova, Alina Bezbabnaya, Olga Varnali, Tina Tikhonenko, Alya Didenko, Yulia Babich, Elena Gold, Victoria Boyko, Yulia Pavlenko, Tatiana Vovchek. Sketch Dryer is featured by 12 authors from the incredibly creative and productive Urban Sketchers Odesa group. Day after day, these talented authors, with sketchbooks and liners, observe and document city life and sketch the inhabitants, noting that interesting inner life of the city in all its color. We will look with their eyes at vacationing beaches, café patrons, half-asleep passengers of minibuses, flea market merchants, and together with the authors we will plunge into the atmosphere of a textured and inspiring city.

The poster of the event — Oksamitiy season. Display of author's lyalki and sketch-drying in The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov