The events in Odessa at 20 September 2021

Stasya Klyufas "Podikh mandriv"

20 September 2021, 19:00
category: presentation
place: Odessa cultural center (St. Vasyl Stus, 2B/7)

I will ask for the presentation of the book by Stasi Klyufas "Podikh mandriv" in Odessa! Koli: 20 Heres, 19:00. De: Odessa Cultural Center (st. Vasil Stus, 2b / 7). Vhіd vіlniy. Register for a pod here: I am happy to join the tsikavim mandrivnim ado, as if I nudged books on my work, and also with joy, as organizing trivial mandrivka and independently seeing the book. For example, you can add a book and edit an autograph from the author. *** The idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bwriting a book was determined based on the knowledge of the fact that our memory did not complete enough. And so I saved myself from forgetting the value of my mandates and life. This is how the book was born. I'm going to propose reading the reader to get busy at our 435th day's announcement, to walk the paths through the abstract world until the day of engagement. We go to the base camp of Everest in Nepal; propelling the seven-kilometer-long Kong Lor cave near Laos; zavitaєmo to the legendary Angkor Watu in Cambodia; overwintering ekvator і lively before the hour of the season of boards; swimatime with turtles in Indonesia and for a reason, how to get more expensive before quarantine at M'yanmi; politics in the povitryaniy kuli, walked by the Likiy stitch and ancient places near Turechchina; Let us add fear, zakokhuvatsya in people and culture, expand between the manifestation of their power. Qia book is a guide to the world. I check for impatience! Stasya Klyufas *** Learn more about the book and you can change it on the site

The poster of the event — Stasya Klyufas "Podikh mandriv" in Odessa cultural center