The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

Premiere! The Musical "Oscar"

16 October 2021, 18:30
category: play
from 50 to 300 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

M. Samoilov "Oscar" musical in 2 acts Libretto: M. Samoilov, and S. Petrova on the play by Claude tention "Oscar" is a sparkling French Comedy by Claude Manie, a crazy kaleidoscope of events, the funny situations, the vivid emotions and inexpressible intonations! Comic misunderstandings, which, like a snowball, grow in numbers, as soon as the curtain opens, don't stop until the very end, giving the audience a mischievous sense of humor. To understand the twists and turns of the plot will help you great music by Mark Samoilov, the skill of the artists and the unique ease with which they know how to treat the most difficult situations French!

The poster of the event — Premiere! The Musical "Oscar" in Comedy