The events in Odessa at 15 October 2021

Skripal on Daku / Fiddler on the Roof

15 October 2021, 18:30
category: play
from 50 to 300 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

Skripal on Dakhu musical for 2 days Prem'єra - 15 March 2014 rock Mova vikonannya: Russian + Ukrainian subtitles Recommended vik: from 10 rocks In vistavi take on the fate of the vihovancy child studio "Theatrical prolongation" The musical is based on the motives of the works of Sholem Aleichem under the special permission of Arnold Pearl. Music Jerry Bock, Joseph Stein's music, Sheldon Harnik's verse. Triviality - 2 g 40 min One of the most popular Broadway musicals has been staged in our theater all the time. The first production of the ball was made in 1987 by the director Eduard Mitnitsky and Mikhail Vodyan in the lead role. The success of the show was unambiguously boosted by glances and criticism, and for the Water One the role of Tev'є became truly the dawn of the actor's career. Ale, through the Meister pivrok, before the hour passed from life and happy share of the performance broke off. The first axis through 30 rock "Skripal on the Dakha" is familiar to the Odessa stage. It's wonderful that the theme of this year is still more relevant. People who see it, need to read the wisdom of such philosophers, like Tev, who is rooted with God.

The poster of the event — Skripal on Daku / Fiddler on the Roof in Comedy