The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

For a young gaze / Karen Khachaturyan "Chipolino"

16 October 2021, 12:00
category: for children
from 35 to 220 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

Triviality 2 years Members of the production group Stage Director: Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Chernetsky Stage Director: Production Assistant: Yanina Kiselova Ballet for 2 days (visit with one intermission). Libreto by Gennadiy Rikhlov for J. Rodari's cossack "Prigody Chipolino". Choreography of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Buryatia, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR Genrikh Mayorov. Production Designer - Dmitro Cherbadzhi. Zmist ДІЯ I The Cossack town has a good life, good food, cheerful bags - vegetables and fruits. The stench is even more similar to people: they have the same joys and sorrows, turbot and world. Kozhen їkh wounds to repair zvychaynіsіnko: maister Grape grape bloat, godfather Garbuz shukak tseglini, schob stay so budinochka, professor Grusha graє on the violin and all the inhabitants are happy to have a wonderful day and dance. On the area there is a family of Radishes from a family of Tsibulin. Chipolla's mom and Batko Chipollon are quietly watching the nevgamov Chipolino, who has picked up his sister Chipollett. Alle this year's day, having ruined the visit of Signor Pomidor, who had been naked, Prince Lemon himself would arrive without a bar. And the axis and the win ... All the inhabitants of the place have quieted down - go Lemon with his retinue that read out a new decree: now the skinny is guilty of paying you for those who light up the sun, where the boards and the wind are.The people protest against such injustice, and Chipolino, in the affirmation of metushna, steps on Lemon's foot. The guards are stricken - and the prince is defeated and the "rebel" must be punished. Chipollino tikak, and Varta zaareshtovuyu dad. The family Chipolino and all the baggy little place in the box, the violin Pear, with a garnished melody, magnetize all the moods. Meshkantsi places on the Cholі z Chіpolіino will help Garbuz to be a buddy. As soon as the life is over, I know Signor Pomidor is. Win the ice not lusnuv out of malice, if he kicked the bungler - even he was prompted on the ground by Countess Cherry, but there is no right to creep with her. Guards Lemon ruinuє Garbuz's budinochk. Unchaste old man in rozpachі. Chіpolіno virіshu take revenge on the crooks. ДІЯ ІІ Count Vyshentsi has a lot of life in the palace. One of the count's rozvaga is to support the miraculous quotes, which the gardener Cactus will take care of, and the beautiful Magnolia. Up to the palace, Chipolino penetrates at once with his friend Radisochka, schob zvilniti dad. Count Vyshenka seeks help. I will show you in a dungeon, the deeds of Chipollon. That axis only does not have a key from the doors, and the evil signor Pomidor appears. The graph will help friends in tekti and obіtsyaє by the way of the key. Axis and a year ... Countess Cherry is giving a ball in honor of Prince Lemon in the castle, de known Chipollon. Before an hour of dancing lesson Count Vyshenka uncomfortably handed over the key from the Chipolino, and that great old man.Guards of Prince Lemon and the police everywhere roar ducklings. Chіpolіno hovaє dad, and then a Radish, ale he himself wasted in otochennya varti. Throw Yogo over grati. The castle is quiet. Krasunya Magnolia, with its pyanky aroma, sizzles with vartovy, and at the same time with Count Vyshenka zvilnya Chipolino. Prince Lemon wants to punish the innocent rebel, but he doesn’t know if that is. The prince is instructed to shoot in the place of harmati. That Chipolino and his friends will put into the cannon of Prince Lemon and Senjor Pomidor. Dim was built to grow ... Nemag ani Lemon, ani harmati, ani guards. Let everyone live peacefully in the Cossack town. From the warm sun and the blue sky to a new place. Misto friends!

The poster of the event — For a young gaze / Karen Khachaturyan "Chipolino" in The Opera and ballet theatre