The events in Odessa at 14 October 2021

Odessa foundling

14 October 2021, 19:00
category: play
place: Theatre "House of clowns" (St. Olgievskoy, 23)

As you know, anything can happen in Odessa. Even such incredible events that take place in the comedy "Odessa Foundling" can also happen. And in general, if you came to Odessa and never laughed, it means that you were slipped a ticket to another city. The author of the play - the famous Odessa writer and playwright Georgy Golubenko, with his works such as "Old Houses", "The Shine and Poverty of a Moldavian Woman", "The Smile of God", etc. has managed to make more than one generation of viewers laugh, both in our country and for its outside. The book of his prose "The Red City" or "New Odessa Stories" immediately became a bestseller among the Russian-speaking population of our, as it turned out, not so big planet. But times are changing, even Odessa humor is changing, which is becoming more subtle and intelligent. It was then that Golubenko wrote his "Foundling", as always it is a grotesque comedy for him, but now it is also a parable. The parable that a person lives only as long as he is able to love. And in order to fall in love, you just need to look closely at someone around you, and at the same time at yourself. - Well, what's so funny about it? - you ask. Try it! We assure you: laugh and laugh as long as you look closely.The author was looking for actors for the main roles in this performance for a long time. I was looking, one might say, on different continents, and finally realized that there is only one continent on which such talented and extraordinary actors, besides the folk and honored ones, can exist. This continent is called Odessa, and the actors are Georgy Deliev, Boris Barsky and Natalia Buzko. An extremely talented troika capable of playing grotesque, buffoonery, and subtle lyrics, and sometimes even being silent altogether, even thus delighting the audience. And the main thing is that these actors, gathered together, as happened in "The Knocker", immediately create on the stage an incomparable atmosphere of this new continent, which is usually called one word, or rather two - the spirit of Odessa.

The poster of the event — Odessa foundling in Theatre "House of clowns"