The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

Exposition "XX-XXI: from twenty to twenty"

16 October 2021, 11:00
category: tour
from 50 to 100 UAH
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

I would like to ask you for an updated presentation of another on top of "XX-XXI: from twenty to twenty". De: Odessa Art Museum, Sofivska, 5a Koli: Shchosoboti that week about 11:00 Affiliation: 100/50 UAH, receipts: The robot over the new exhibition was trivial to the pivrok. Now you can have a few more robots that you have spent ten years at the foundations. Zagalom new exhibition includes over 300 robots in different technologies. Among the presentations of the authors are such names as Yuriy Ugorov, Stanislav Sichov, Larisa Zvezdochyotova, Valentin Khrushch, Arsen Savadov, Viktor Marinyuk, Lyudmila Yastreb, Vlada Ralko, and the richly rich ones. The new exhibition was prompted by the Wistavkiy project, the logical continuation of our previous great Wistavoks - "Special Fund: Repressed mystery", "Exhumation. Socialist realism from the collection of Odessa art "and" Suvori and stylish ". XX-XXI: from twenty to twenty " The new exposition gives a broad picture of the home-grown Ukrainian mystery in the context of the regional focus in front of the exposition. Great respect has been given to the two ten years old and young artists who were first included in the museum before the post-exhibition. Generally, I will ask you to add other updates on top!

The poster of the event — Exposition "XX-XXI: from twenty to twenty" in Art Museum