The events in Odessa at 19 October 2021

Art-Psy-therapy: WARM OCTOBER⛅️☂️☔️ Mystery and riddle

19 October 2021, 18:00
category: master class
from 400 to 500 UAH
place: Art-Psy-Club (PR-t Shevchenko, 2, office. 202)

☔️☂️⛅️WARM OCTOBER⛅️☂️☔️ ☔️☂️⛅️ ANNOUNCEMENT OF MASTER CLASSES⛅️☂️☔️ Time 18:00 for all dates!  19.10 - "Mystery and Enigma" (oil, optional) -feminine essence - the unknown Universe. How many mysteries and secrets she conceals in herself. And no matter how hard you try to figure it out, still something will remain in the shadows. This makes it more interesting. What riddle will you choose? 23.10 - "Dance" (oil, optional) - passionate tango, or enchanting waltz. In each dance, the therapy of the couple and their relationship takes place. The waltz is a gentle and dizzying dance with the support of a partner and careful accompaniment of a partner, in which the couple is one, and in an equal balance. Tango is a dance of submission, conquest and dominance of a man over a woman. Tangotherapy reveals many hidden corners of the personality and processes in pairs. Passion, dedication, and complete submission of a woman. not everyone can stand it. But the result is worth it, you have never had such fire and passion. Dance together, dance for yourself, just dance life. 26.10 - "Autumn tenderness" (oil) - a completely delicate bouquet, reminds us of autumn, its aroma and falling asleep nature. An unobtrusive, pastel plot will add tenderness to the heart of the one who will write it and the interior in which she will live.30.10 - "Fairy Tale" - (watercolor) - The unicorn in Feng Shui is known as a symbol of beauty, something special, mysterious, magnificent. It also symbolizes joy and happiness, bliss and great well-being. In Chinese culture, the unicorn is very much loved and revered, it is considered one of the noblest animals. Many legends, fairy tales, legends and fantastic stories are associated with the unicorn. It is believed that whoever sees him will find eternal happiness. The unicorn is sunshine, purity, happiness and joy. At the secret level, a unicorn means hidden knowledge, comprehension, a spiritual path. Those who are in search of the truth and really want to find it, will definitely get the help of the unicorn. EVERYONE draws here! A therapy for the soul. We draw with meaning!   * Oil - the cost is 500 UAH. (all materials are included, basic canvas 25 * 35, larger format with surcharge). * Watercolor - cost 400 UAH. (all materials included) The entry is open and required. 067 * 801 * 66 * 18 (viber or telegram) * ☝If you want to keep abreast of all studio news, write to this number 067 * 801 * 66 * 18 (vibeer or telegrams) * I want to join the group. ☝️ Subscribe to our telegram channel https: // And we'll add you. 朗  Give gift certificates, come in pairs and with children, we have a rest with the whole family. 殺 拾 ☀️ 鹿 ☘️☀️ * Corporate MC for companies from 5 people (on favorable terms) * Individual MC from 1 person, in pairs, families, friends.* Individual lessons in acrylic painting and interior painting. * "Basics of oil painting" courses (once a week).

The poster of the event — Art-Psy-therapy: WARM OCTOBER⛅️☂️☔️ Mystery and riddle in Art-Psy-Club