The events in Odessa at 15 October 2021

MK Honey Candles from Foundation

15 October 2021, 17:30
category: master class
150 UAH
place: Art Studio "Caravel" (PR-t Dobrovolsky, 89)

Master Class Honey Candles from Foundation Kotovsky settlement 15.10 at 17.30 Cheremushki 16.10 at 17.00 We will be making honey candles from foundation. To make each candle unique, special, we will play with shapes, fill candles with wax and decorate. Original, environmentally friendly, with a natural honey scent - these candles will help you experience great job satisfaction. As a souvenir of the master class, you will take with you 2 scented candles that will fill your home with coziness or become a warm gift for a dear person. Duration: mk 1 hour Cost: mk 150 UAH, The price includes all the material for creating two candles. Recording is required, and for an advance payment of 50 UAH. ☎️Record by phone. : 098-95-265-40, 063-535-47-47 from 10.00-20.00 Viber / Telegram  21 Heroes Krut St. (Cheryomushki) ☎️Record by phone: 098-995-03-60, 067-910-17-52 098-95-265-40, 063-535-47-47 10.00-20.00 Viber / telegram Generala Bocharova St., 3 (Kotovskogo village)

The poster of the event — MK Honey Candles from Foundation in Art Studio "Caravel"