The events in Odessa at 17 October 2021

"Wings of Odessa: lovers in the sky" we go to the Hydroport with Anna Kupriy

17 October 2021, 15:00
category: tour
440 UAH
place: Soborna square (the entrance of the Transfiguration Cathedral)

Friends, dream of the sky and flights❓ Then this excursion is for you . Once upon a time, the first airplanes soared into the sky over Odessa, and they were controlled by people who could not imagine life without the sky. ✈️ There are such people in Odessa today. Do you want to meet them?  And what about airplanes, helicopters, hang-gliders and airchutes? And look into the hangars and then have a picnic on the airfield? Then let's go to the Hydroport❗️ The Gidroport sports airfield is located just two kilometers from the city, so we will not travel long. But this time will be enough for our Anna Kupriy to tell you about Utochkin and Efimov, about thousands of spectators at the Odessa hippodrome and balloons soaring above them, about the first Odessa flying club, Artseulov's "spin", Korolev's projects and stratospheric jumps. And, if you want to fly, then write to us and we will agree.  (Booking flights in advance and for an additional fee).  Date and time: October 17 at 15:00  Duration: 3 hours  Type: bus  Place of collection: Cathedral Square, 3 (entrance to the Transfiguration Cathedral)  Cost: 440 UAH. Waiting for you! To fall in love with Odessa together again!  To register, write to us ✔️ or ️ by phone  +380673870067.

The poster of the event — "Wings of Odessa: lovers in the sky" we go to the Hydroport with Anna Kupriy in Soborna square