The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

Happy Zustrichi with Evgeniyu Zaslavskaya

16 October 2021, 16:00
category: recital
place: Odessa national research library (pastera str, 13)

Shanovny friends! We are glad to ask you for a literary and musical evening "Osinniy nocturne", which will be announced on 16 June about 16:00 in the walls of the Odessa National Science Library within the framework of the project "Happy New Years." In a calm jovtnevim evening, you can make your soul grow to the heart of the creativity of Evgeniya Zaslavskaya. This poetry carries in its own super-precise melody and vire of an emotional charge. Kozhen virsh - the price is small, but the part of life is even so important, as the author is ready to submit to the listeners. The musical suprovid will be conducted by pianist Petro Volinkin. Evgeniya Zaslavska is a member of the National Library of Writers of Ukraine and the National Library of Ukrainian Journalists, a member of the Collective of Poets "Odessa is a UNESCO World of Literature", laureate of all-Ukrainian and international books of literature, films of the Ministry of Literature souls ". The same, we will destroy the silence of the library and we will remind your Saturday evening with poetic and musical divas.

The poster of the event — Happy Zustrichi with Evgeniyu Zaslavskaya in Odessa national research library