The events in Odessa at 20 October 2021

Natalia Garipova "Mom turned around"

20 October 2021, 19:00
category: humor
from 150 to 450 UAH
place: Philharmonic (Bunina str., 15)

On the 20th, come before the Odessa Regional Philharmonic for the great concert of the uninvolved Natalia Garipova! Vidoma Ukrainian comicess to present stand-up "Mom turned around" Don't miss out on the next day and replace the tickets for the same year. TALANOVITA I BEZKOMPROMISNA NATALIA GARIPOVA ІZ STANDAP "MOMMA'S TURNED!" ON THE STAGE OF ODESKOЇ OBLASNO FILARMONIS "Mom turned around" - this is a special program, so it won't be repeated. Every once in the center of respect, entrusted with the themes of sex, the role of women in the suspension and the life of the suspension itself was described ... the vagina. Natalya Garipova's tsikavii camp was very good at work, and she also went through a new "from and to". The same new program is addressed to all the vagrants - the past and the present, as well as the future. Serious theme, served with a sauce of garish and non-trivial humor, not to overload baiduzhim. Natalia Garipova will continue to expand the scale of the tour and expand the army of her chanuvalniks. At the show, the authors have two concert programs: "Independence Day" and "You will be disgraceful for yourself", as well as on the stages of Bilorus, Izrail, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech and Ukraine. The artist is also є zirkoyu projects "Vidkritiy Mikrofon", "Comedy Battle", "Goodnight Club", "Zhinochiy Kvartal". Chekaєmo on you! DE BOUGHT QUITS FOR NATALIS GARIPOVO'S STANDAP IN ODESI? You can replace tickets for the standup concert of Natalia Garipova in Odessa and online at

The poster of the event — Natalia Garipova "Mom turned around" in Philharmonic